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    Documentary Third Pole hit the big screen in Hungary 2018-09-04 | From:China Tibet Online

    The documentary series The Third Pole is China’s first documentary about Tibetans living in harmony with nature on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

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    Panchen Lama holds Kalachakra for devotees 2018-08-28 | From:China Tibet Online

    The 11th Panchen Lama Erdeni Choskyi Gyalpo held a longevity Kalachakra ceremony for religious followers from August 17 to 18 at Dakpo Shadrup Ling Monastery in Lhoka, Tibet.

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    Painter's pilgrimage 2018-08-28 | From:China Daily

    Li Xiaoke, an artist from Beijing has spent the past three decades drawing inspiration from areas where members of the Tibetan community reside.

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    The 11th Panchen Lama comes to my house 2018-08-27 | From:China Tibet Online

    On August 23, Dawa and his family welcomed a very important guest to their home: the Panchen Lama Erdeni Choskyi Gyalpo.

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    Top political advisor stresses poverty relief, religious work in Tibet 2018-08-27 | From:Xinhua

    China's top political advisor Wang Yang has called for more efforts in poverty relief and religious work to ensure prosperity, development and lasting stability in Tibet Autonomous Region.

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    Panchen Lama visits orphaned children 2018-08-24 | From:China Tibet Online

    The 11th Panchen Lama Erdeni Choskyi Gyalpo , who is currently in Lhoka, Tibet, visited orphaned children at the Lhoka Special Education School and Children’s Welfare Institute.

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    Panchen Lama makes requests of religious community representatives 2018-08-22 | From:China Tibet Online

    As a representative of religious communities, when we give teachings, we should strive to be in touch with the common people, pay attention to methods, and strive to make ourselves easily understood.

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    Tibetans enjoy harmonious religious lives, unity: expert 2018-08-16 | From:Xinhua

    A Tibetan scholar told a United Nations (UN) Committee on Monday that China's Tibet enjoys rapid growth and harmony among all ethnic groups today.