"Soft Gold" enriches farmers and herdsmen in Tibet

Cordyceps has long been known as "soft gold" and is harvested in May and June. In addition to Ngari, six other cities including 40 counties in Tibet also grow cordyceps.

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    Characteristic industries developed to fight poverty in Nyingchi 2018-04-27 | by: | From:China Tibet Online

    Nyingchi city in Tibet has made great efforts to develop its characteristic industry to help its poor residents get out of poverty.

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    Spring tea harvested in Medog, Tibet 2018-04-13 | by: | From:China Tibet Online

    Medog County of Nyingchi City in southwest China's Tibet, is now in the spring tea harvest season.

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    Qinghai invests 500 mln USD to build, renovate 198,000 toilets 2018-03-09 | by: | From:Xinhua

    Qinghai Province will build or upgrade more than 198,000 public toilets in the next three years, with a total investment of 3.19 billion yuan (503 million U.S. dollars).

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    Search service platform on Tibet news launched 2018-02-28 | by: | From:China Tibet Online

    Tibet.so, a web search service platform for information on southwest China's Tibet and Tibetan-inhabited areas was launched on Feb. 26.

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    Tibet sees employment growth in 2017 2018-02-09 | by: | From:Xinhua

    More than 54,000 new jobs were created in urban regions in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region last year, according to the regional labor authority.

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    New roads make a more dynamic Tibet 2018-02-08 | by: | From:Xinhua

    Local transport authorities in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region said a total of 24,306 kilometers of roads had been added to the region over the past five years.

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    Tibet sees fast growth in e-commerce 2018-01-29 | by: | From:Xinhua

    The volume of online transactions in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region grew by 29.2 percent year on year in 2017, regional commerce department said on Sunday.

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    Tibet to build int'l Tibetan medicinal materials market 2018-01-29 | by: | From:Xinhua

    Tibet Autonomous Region will build an international trading market for traditional Tibetan medicinal materials, according to the ongoing regional people's congress Saturday.