Living in harmony

In recent years, Lhasa City has continuously strengthened publicity for environmental preservation, having further en...

Environment | 08.10.2020

11th Panchen Lama conducts Buddhist activities in Lhasa

On July 31, Panchen Erdeni Choskyi Gyalpo arrived in Lhasa to carry out research and Buddhist activities.

Tibetan Headline | 08.06.2020

New look of village in Tibet

Today, when you walk into the Kyipa village in Cona County, Lhoka city, Tibet, you would be attracted by a moving sce...

Lifestyle | 08.07.2020


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Finding "Dekyi" in a Tibetan village

In 2017, 946 Tibetan herdsmen and farmers from 30 remote villages in Jainca bid farewell to ...