How to get to Mount Kailash from Nepal

Travel to Tibet from Kathmandu in Nepal to Ngari in western Tibet for the Kailash Kora Trek can be done in one of two...

Travel Guides | 09.12.2019

Horse racing on Mid-Autumn Festival in Sichuan

Litang, the “hometown of Chinese Tibetan horse racing culture” in Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, southwest Ch...

Sports &Adventure | 09.17.2019

Full moon seen in Lhasa on Mid-Autumn Festival

On the evening of September 14, the bright moon hungs over Lhasa, the “city of sunlight” in southwest China's Tibet...

Photo | 09.17.2019


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Naming a Tibetan serf after the founding of New China

Wang was born a serf in old Tibet's Nagqu. His parents, both beggars at the time, sent him t...