Tibetan athletes get good results in Skiing World Cup

On February 20, in the 2019 Lake Songhua Skiing Mountaineering World Cup held in China, four Tibetan athletes out of ...

Tibetan Headline | 02.22.2019

Winter inspection of Ngari forest covers 5300 km

The inspection team has surveyed over 5300 km within the Qiangtang National Nature Conservation District in Ngari, a...

Environment | 02.22.2019

"Power Sky Road" supplies more than 5.5 billion kwh of electricity to Tibet

The "Power Sky Road" has provided strong energy support for the healthy and stable development of Tibet's economy and...

Tibetan Headline | 02.22.2019


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A remarkable woman of the Republic of China: Liu Manqing

On December 28, 2018, an exhibition themed “Representative of the National Government-Liu M...