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  • To herd or attend school?

    Until a few years ago, illiterate parents in the secluded swathe of Qinghai Province's Yushu autonomous Tibetan prefecture believed children should herd yaks to feed the family rather than study.
  • Phalha Manor, witness of serfs'fate turn

    By Drolma Li
    Located in Banjorlhanbo Village, Gyantse County, Shigatze Prefecture of Tibet, the Phalha Manor built in 1937 is regarded as the "living fossil" of the feudal and serf system in Tibet.
  • Taxpayer list reveals Tibet's economic muscle

    Pharmaceutical drug companies have become the most prominent contributors to tax revenues in Tibet, according to the region's 2013 taxpayer list released by the local tax authority.
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A glimpse of remote Medog County in SE Tibet
Medog County, a remote county in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, will be linked to Pome County by a highway at the end of this month.
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  • Chinese, ASEAN cultural ministers meet in Vietnam

    Chinese cultural minister Cai Wu attended the 2nd meeting of China-ASEAN Ministers Responsible for Culture and Arts (AMCA+China) and the 6th meeting of cultural ministers of ASEAN and its dialogue partners China, Japan, and South Korea (AMCA+3) in Hue city in central Vietnam on Saturday.

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