Regional public brand “Tibet Highland Barley” officially released

On April 28, a press conference was held to officially release the regional public brand of "Tibet Highland Barley", ...

Tibetan Headline | 05.20.2022

Rescue and inheritance of ancient Tibetan books yields fruitful results

With a wide variety, vast volume, long history and rich content, Tibetan ancient books and documents are an important...

News | 05.20.2022

Panchen Rinpoche visits Jokhang Temple in Lhasa, Tibet

Panchen Rinpoche on Wednesday visited Jokhang Temple, the most revered monastery in Lhasa, starting his activities in...

Tibetan Headline | 05.19.2022


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Gains and inspiration of the Olympic Games to a Tibetan youth

The 10-day Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games took place and ended in March, leaving good ...