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  • Colorful prayer flag trees boost festival atmosphere in Lhasa

    By Lucia Su
    Colorful prayer flag trees boost festival atmosphere in Lhasa.jpg
    As the most ceremonious festival in Tibet approaches- the Tibetan New Year, or Losar- Tibetan residents begin to prepare for the festival by making colorful prayer flag trees, a custom reflecting their good wishes for the New Year.
  • Traditions and taboos in Losar

    By Mirenda Wu
    On the first day of Losar (Tibetan New Year), it is tradition for housewives to wake up early,around 5 o'clock, in order to prepare highland barley wine for the whole family.
  • Qinghai Lake - the largest salt water lake in China

    Qinghai Lake, the largest salt water lake in China, lies in the Northeast of Qinghai Province. "Qinghai" means a blue sea in Mongolian. It is a fascinating inland alpine lake in Northwest China.
  • Spring couplets popular in Lhasa

    By Karen Lin
    Spring couplets.jpg
    With the Tibetan New Year approaching, famous Tibetan and Chinese calligraphers go to communities and write Tibetan and Chinese couplets for local residents in Lhasa.
  • Daily life in northern Sichuan

    A little Tibetan girl and her family members eat at a restaurant in the city of Dujiangyan in Sichuan Province in southwest China.
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Lens on picturesque Dzari Township in Tibet
Dzari Township, 2,800 meters above the sea level, is located in Luntse County of Lhoka Prefecture, southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region.
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