Tibetan cultural documentary impresses Japanese audiences

The Chinese and Japanese co-produced documentary The Thangka Painter’s Hometown was recently rebroadcast on TV via t...

Arts &History | 06.18.2021

Summer scenery of Qinghai Lake

Photo taken on Jun 7, 2021 shows the aerial view of picturesque Qinghai Lake.

Photo | 06.11.2021

Chongqing-aid-Tibet medical team: warm-hearted help

Recently, Chongqing's ninth batch of aid-Riwoqe-County-medical-team came to the Kangse Township's Yiyongsongduo cordy...

Health &Education | 06.11.2021


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Tibetan incense, a popular industry in Nyemo, Tibet

Tibetan incense is a kind of incense with Tibetan characteristics. It is made from more than...