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  • Tibetan teaching in a Yushu school

    On a Friday morning, the fifth-graders of Hongqi Primary School in Yushu were in class to learn the Tibetan language. Over 30 students followed their teachers and read passages out loud from their textbook. Every week they have six of these classes.
  • Story about Namjagbarwa Peak

    By Mirenda
    Story about Namjagbarwa Peak.jpg
    Namjagbarwa is a cloud-touching peak. In Tibetan it means "spear piercing into the sky" and has been transliterated as Namjagbarwa.
  • Ngari in Tibet: Heaven for wild animals

    Ngari prefecture, with an average elevation of 4,500 meters, is one of the remotest areas in Tibet and was dubbed as a heaven for wild animals, especially after the Qiangtang Nature Reserve was established in the mid 1990s, which nearly covers the whole of Ali prefecture.
  • Driving in Tibet

    By Mirenda
    An off-road vehicle is running on the well-paved highway escorted by the endless grassland in southwestern China's Tibet Autonomous Region.
  • Monks in in world’s highest monastery

    By Lily Li
    Monks in in world’s highest monastery.jpg
    Photo shows a monk in Rongpo Monastery, the world’s highest monastery at the foot of Mt. Qomolangma in Dingri County of Shigatse Prefecture, southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region.
  • Tibetan medicine mask: an art treasure of Tibetan culture

    By Karen Lin
    Tibetan medicine mask: an art treasure of Tibetan culture.jpg
    Tibetan medicine mask is an intangible cultural heritage heirloom at the provincial level.
Lens on picturesque Dzari Township in Tibet.jpg
Lhasa-Shigatse railway officially put into use (II)
A second railway line in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, which is 251 kilometers long and links the regional capital Lhasa and Shigatse, the second-largest city in the region, was officially put into use.
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