Opera 'Princess Wencheng' staged in Lhasa, Tibet

Performers play in "Princess Wencheng", an opera based on the life of a Tang Dynasty (618-907) princess, in Lhasa, So...

Arts &History | 06.05.2020

The Journey of Cleansing the Mind musical staged in Lhasa

On the evening of May 24, a musical about environmental protection sent shockwaves along the banks of the Lhasa River...

Arts &History | 06.05.2020

Tibetan climbers were vital in measuring mountain

Tibetan climbers played a vital role in the just-concluded 2020 remeasurement mission on Mount Qomolangma, authoritie...

Tibetan Headline | 06.04.2020


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Chatting about alleviating poverty with Zongji in Tibet

When the first rays of sunlight hit the fields in the early morning, Zongji, a villager from...