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    Tibet issues first Taiwanese resident permit 2018-09-13 | From:China Tibet Online

    “I can't believe I’m the first for this.” On September 5th, Ms. Yu, the first person to receive a Taiwanese resident permit in Tibet, said with excitement.

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    Cultivation of Tibetan medicinal material helps poverty alleviation 2018-09-13 | From:China Tibet Online

    The Red Sun Family Technological Experimental Farm in Mainling County, southwest China's Tibet was established in 2015. It is a farm that focuses on cultivating Tibetan medicinal materials and the sale of medicinal herbs.

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    A taste of Tibet's pioneering spirit 2018-09-12 | From:Xinhua

    For generations, Tibetan herders without refrigerators had yak meat air-dried in winter, sometimes stored it in sheds made of cow dung, and ate it with Tsampa, the roasted barley flour, and buttered tea all year round.

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    Paragliders fly up to plateau 2018-09-11 | From:China Tibet Online

    Dragging a paraglider behind him that weighs more than 10 kilograms, paraglider Dechen Woedrol ran along the hillside. The parachute gradually opened up, and his feet left the ground.

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    Scientific findings reveal Qinghai-Tibet Plateau's past, future 2018-09-11 | From:Xinhua

    The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, now dotted with glaciers and lakes, was a lot different from what it was like tens of millions of years ago and its landscape may continue to change, according to the findings of Chinese scientists.

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    Red Cross Society of China strengthens cooperation with Tibet 2018-09-05 | From:Xinhua

    The Red Cross Society of China and the regional government of Tibet signed an agreement Tuesday to further reinforce cooperation in humanitarian aid.

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    New term begins for kids in Tibetan Classes 2018-09-03 | From:China Tibet Online

    On August 28th, sounds of laughter could be heard on the campus of the Nanchang City Number 17 High School, where over 100 students from Tibet are enrolled in the school in Central China's Jiangxi Province.

  • A glimpse of Dekyi Tibetan Inn hotel 2018-08-29 | From:China Tibet Online

    Taking advantage of the cultural industry park, the villagers has benefited from joining in developing tourism via building Tibetan-style family inn hotels with a brand of “Dekyi Tibetan Inn”.