Work hard on four aspects in tourism development: Qi Zhala

2018-03-23 10:46:31 | From:China Tibet Online

Tibet should work hard to do well in four aspects to further advance the development of tourism, according to Qi Zhala (Che Dhalha), chairman of southwest China's Tibet autonomous region. 

Qi Zhala said in a recent interview that Tibet should make full use of its local features to build the "third pole of the Earth" tourism brand, follow a high-end development path instead of one that pursues quantity expansion in tourist number at the expense of quality, provide support to premium tourism products that will promote comprehensive development in all areas of tourism industry, and encourage all-for-one tourism.

Concerning high-quality development, he said that the next step Tibet will control the daily number of visitors to certain scenic spots.

He also pointed out that all these above should rely on the improvement of infrastructure.

While new airports will be built and expanded, Tibet is also actively striving to open new railway lines to southwest China's Sichuan Province after the Lhasa-to-Nyingchi Railway with a projected speed of 220 kilometers per hour completed.

In addition, all 74 counties (or districts) in Tibet will be accessible by paved road, and apart from driving your way to Tibet through the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, Yunnan-Tibet Highway, and Qinghai-Tibet Highway, to tour around the region's countryside by self-driving is feasible as well.

Qi Zhala added that it was no longer like an exploration for tourists to visit Tibet today, they could enjoy themselves there.

Editor: Tommy Tan.


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