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    The guardians of Lake Mapam Yutso 2018-05-18 | From:China Tibet Online

    Lake Mapam Yutso is in northern Pulan County of Ngari Prefecture in Tibet, one of the critical “International Wetlands” designated by the Wetlands International.

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    Health of wetland a priority of Tibet 2018-05-18 | From:Chinadaily

    Pema Wanggyal used to be an ordinary herdsman living in Shongpa, a small village at the side of Lake Manasarova. Three years ago, he was assigned a new job - a ranger of the "holy lake".

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    Tibetan antelope start annual migration to Hoh Xil 2018-05-10 | From:Xinhua

    Pregnant Tibetan antelope have begun their annual migration to the heart of northwest China's Hoh Xil nature reserve to give birth, the reserve's management bureau said Tuesday.

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    Qinghai calls on boycott of “premature” cordyceps 2018-04-28 | From:China Tibet Online

    Calls have been made for a boycott of “premature” cordycep grass on April 17 as a small amount of unformed and immature cordycep grass has been found enter the current cordyceps market.

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    Tibet intensifies protection of environment 2018-03-09 | From:Xinhua

    Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region has invested heavily in protecting its environment over the past five years, the regional government said Thursday.

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    Tibet gets tough to guard against tourism pollution 2018-03-09 | From:China Daily

    The Tibet autonomous region has adopted the toughest environmental protection measures in China to prevent pollution caused by the tourism industry, according to the head of the regional government.

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    Shared bikes popular in Tibet 2018-03-06 | From:China Tibet Online

    Shared bike service represented by Mobike, one of China's popular bike-sharing operators, has seen rapid development since the second half of 2017 in southwest China's Tibet.

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    Tibet prefectures recognized for dark sky conservation 2018-03-06 | From:Xinhua

    Two prefectures in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region have been recognized for their conservation of dark skies.