Happy life at the nursing home

2018-02-11 10:35:00 | From:China Tibet Online

The Nursing Home for Elders of the Jiacha County in Shannan, southwest China's Tibet, was built with an investment of 19.25 million yuan (3 million US dollars). Completed and put into operation in April of 2015, the home's facilities include a store, a sewing room, a nurse's office, an activity room, and a library, etc. A total of 125 beds are available at the home, with current occupancy at 100%.

The 90-year-old Gama Tenzin once delivered goods for the People's Liberation Army during his younger days. He could sing army songs, recite military orders in both Tibetan and Mandarin Chinese, likes to perform military salutes for everyone, and is a popular guy at the nursing home. He recently had a cataracts surgery along with seven other elders at the home. With renewed sight, he's got more zest for life than ever.

Kelsang Lachen, a 72-year-old lady, and the 82-year-old Sonam, are one of the 14 couples who met at the home. And they are now enjoying their old age together at the home.
Ozhu, a 55-year-old, and the 63-year-old Zhayang, are known for their high energy at the home. There're two vegetable sheds at the home where Ozhu started growing vegetables, while Zhayang has experience in raising pigs and keeps 10 pigs at a time. 

The 12 caretakers working at the home are like the elders' children. Caretaker Losang Drogha takes care of everyone like her own parents.

Losang starts her day at 7am every morning. She helps the elders wash the toilets, handle all sanitation tasks, change the sheets, and helps the elders with laundry and pays attention to their mental status.

Last year, Losang attended specialized caretaker training in Lhasa, and received the caretaker certificate for beginner level recognized by the region's authority. She said the classes have taught her helpful communication methods with the elders. And she plans to keep getting new certifications in middle level and high level caretaker to do her job even better.

In order to accommodate more people who want to move into nursing homes like this one, in April of 2017, Tibet invested another 10 million yuan (1.6 million US dollars) in building another nursing home. Construction is expected to complete by the end of 2018.

Editor: Tommy Tan.

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