Tibetan fashion show held in east China

2018-05-11 10:19:00 | From:China Tibet Online

The "Cultural Creation of Tibet: Tibet and Lhasa Creative Products Tour Exhibition" was held from May 4 to 7 at the Nanjing Laomendong Historical and Cultural Block, east China's Jiangsu Province, showcasing cultural highlights, music and dance, Tibetan carpet weaving, thangka paintings and statues from Tibet as well as Tibetan folk song and dance performances, fashion shows, goods trade, and lectures on culture and art.

The AJNAMO brand fashion show was the first fashion show for Tibetan clothing at this exhibition. Aga Namo, a renowned Tibetan singer who is also an fashion designer, brought more than 40 items of her own Tibetan clothing designs for the show.

The theme of the Tibetan fashion show was "nomadic tranquility". Aga Namo told reporters that her original intention for this theme was to express the "tranquility" of nomadic tribes through her clothing. This "tranquility" is both an inner peace and the tranquility of nature.

"Even when we live a multi-colored life, we should still return to nature, to a quiet state of being, so the end of the show was filled with dark colors. Respect for nature in Tibetan culture is the most touching to me. I used a lot of white elements in the clothing shown in tonight's fashion show to reflect the harmony between human and nature."

She said, "as a Tibetan who grew up in a nomadic area at 4,000 meters above sea level, I am familiar with the cultural elements, geographical locations, climates, diets, and lifestyles which can be contained in Tibetan clothing. Through this fashion show, we can display the essence of tribal, nomadic, and ethnic clothing culture and show our preservation of traditional culture, awe of nature, and love of life. This is what I have always stood for."

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