The "farmer scientist" Gasong Norbu

2018-05-14 10:22:00 | From:China Tibet Online

There's a famous "farmer scientist" in Nyingchi of Tibet. Inside the wooden shack in his backyard, he has a temperate box, a clean bench, all kinds of testers, and other equipment. He's Gasong Norbu, a technology specialist in Baqiong Village of Nyingchi.

In 2008, Gasong, who finished middle school, was selected as the village's technology specialist, and he found growing gastrodia is a great way to increase income.

Since he didn't know how to grow gastrodia, he asked people to bring back related books from Lhasa to teach himself. He also asked for advice from farming technology experts in Nyingchi and Bomi, and studied on site at a gastrodia cultivation base in Bomi County.

After much hard work, and six months of dedicated learning and practice, Gasong was able to master the skill of cultivating gastrodia, whereby he also became a local "farmer scientist".

In March of 2016, Gasong created a village co-op. He motivated eight poverty-striken families to join as well. He has taught them to grow gastrodia, ganoderma, and more.



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