A Himalayan goral’s homecoming

2018-04-19 10:27:00 | From:China Tibet Online

The story happened in August, 2017, when He Yun, a resident of Danba County of Garze Prefecture in southwest China’s Sichuan Province, went mushroom-picking on mountains with several friends. Around noon, as they were digging for mushrooms, He Yun heard some faint bleat of a lamb and then found a baby lamb near a cliff. The lamb still had placenta attached, and there were traces of blood near the cliff. After they rescued the lamb, they waited until dark but the lamb's mother did not appear. The newborn lamb would die in the mountains if left alone, so He Yun took the lamb home.

 After more than six months of careful caretaking, the baby lamb has grown up a lot. “I thought about letting the lamb go in the woods behind my house or letting it go in the wild, but when I tried to release it on the mountain, the lamb would follow me home,” said He Yun, who later asked the Forestry Police of Danba County for help.

The wife of He Yun is tying a red string for the goral.

Police officers and workers are doing health examination for the goral.

After evaluation, the baby lamb was a Himalayan goral,  or black sheep, a second-class national protected animal. On April 14th, police officers and workers drove 40 km to deliver the Himalayan goral to the deep woods.

The goral is about to begin his new life in wild.

In recent years, as natural forest resources were better protected, and the transition from farming to forestry has been implemented in Danba County, local forest footage has continued to grow and ecology has continued to improve for a healthy resting and breeding habitat for wildlife.

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