Nepal bookstores join the “Chinese Literary World” chain of bookstores

2018-05-11 11:15:00 | From:China Tibet Online

10 Nepalese bookstores including the Himalayan Bookstore and Patan Bookstore formally joined the “Chinese Literary World” chain of bookstores on May 6. 

“Chinese Literary World”, which is headquartered in the Hada Stupa area of Boudha in Kathmandu, is a literary and audiovisual flagship store established in Nepal funded by the China Tibet Tianli Economic and Cultural Development Co., Ltd. The store displays and sells thousands of volumes of books and audiovisual materials from well-known Chinese publishing houses in Chinese, Nepali, English, and Tibetan languages. In addition, institutions such as the Tibet People’s Publishing House, Tibet Ancient Tibetan Texts Publishing House, and Snow Land Audio and Video Electronic Publishing House have set up special shelves at the store and jointly created the Nepal-China Book Center. 

Gyirey, the secretary-general of the Nepal Institute, said that relations between China and Nepal have always been very close. The establishment of the “Chinese Literary World” chain of bookstores will enable Nepali readers to better understand Chinese culture and China’s development experience.

The Nepal Tianli Publishing & Culture Company also donated books to the library of Nepal University and the Public Library. On the same day, the Jingdezhen Tibetan Culture Ceramics Exhibition also opened at the “Chinese Literary World” headquarters.

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