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A post 80s inheritor of Tibetan incense tells his story of starting business

2018-11-22 11:15:00China Tibet Online

Tenzin Geshe was born in Nyemo County, Lhasa, Tibet in 1988. He is a 14th generation inheritor of Manzhong Manor Tibetan Incense and a famous young entrepreneur in Lhasa. He is also the Vice President of the Nyemo Tibetan Incense Association, Vice President of the Lhasa College Graduates Entrepreneurial Association, a 2017 Lhasa City Excellent Entrepreneur, and Chairman of the Lhasa City Manzhong Trade and Commerce Co., Ltd.

Inheritor of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Tenzin Geshe's family has been an aristocratic medical family. "My grandfather Sonam Rinchen was a famous master of Tibetan medicine. The incense he made was well sold in the upper class of old Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, and India. Although many of our medical materials were lost, some valuable resources were passed down orally, which has benefited us a lot, so the techniques of Tibetan incense production have been passed down to the present day," said Tenzin Geshe.

Photo shows Tibetan incense original design brand "Duobao Kaiwu".

"I've been interested in this skill since I was a child. If I could find an ancient record of Tibetan incense at home, I was very happy. I feel comfortable whenever I smell the fragrance of Tibetan incense," Tenzin Geshe said. "I hava always take the inheritance of my family's techniques as my responsibilit and I would never give up."

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