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    Ex-hunter preserves ethnic skills in Tibet 2018-11-12 | From:Chinadaily

    Dawa is an ethnic Lhopa man living in the Tibet autonomous region's Manling, a county with a long history in growing medicinal plants and developing Tibetan medicinal science.

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    A 60-year-old man drives himself to Tibet 2018-10-31 | From:China Tibet Online

    In his 60s, he himself drives a car crossing Highway 318 into Tibet.

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    80-year-old craftsman leads "beautification" of Potala Palace 2018-10-30 | From:China Tibet Online

    Since October 17, the Potala Palace in Lhasa, southwest China's Tibet has been undergoing its annual "painting season".

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    Travelling stories of Tibetans of two generations 2018-10-29 | From:China Tibet Online

    “Compared with our parents, we are very fortunate to live in this new era,” 21-year-old Jamdenda from Sershul County, Garze Prefecture, Sichuan Province said sincerely.

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    Snow leopard guardians in China 2018-10-29 | From:Xinhua

    The big cat's guardians in China are planning to conduct a large-scale survey to figure out the statistical population of the so-called "King of the Snowy Mountains" in the country by 2023.

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    A beautiful township's "password for happiness" 2018-10-15 | From:China Tibet Online

    In recent years, Medog Township in southwest China's Tibet has persevered in creating a beautiful calling card of "ecology, livability, health, charm, and happiness".

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    Norbu Tenzin, Tibet's master of tsampa 2018-10-08 | From:Xinhua

    In Xigaze, the hometown of highland barley in southern Tibet, southwest China, Norbu Tenzin has been widely known as the master of tsampa.

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    Nomads near Mt. Qomolangma get rid of poverty 2018-09-28 | From:China Tibet Online

    More than 80 households in Khemar Township and the adjacent Gangga Township have been making their livings better-off thanks to this spring water.