Tibet official: fake Rinpoches undermine reputation of Tibetan Buddhism

2016-03-09 09:34:00 | From:China Tibet Online

Padma Choling, chairman of the standing committee of Tibet's regional people's congress, said on Mar.7 in Beijing that some fake Rinpoches have undermined Tibetan Buddhism's reputation for their behaviors of swaggering and deceiving people.

He mentioned a Tibetan Rinpoche’s visit to an inland province of China. Upon his arrival, the Rinpoche was asked, “Are you not leaving just now?” Thus, he realized someone had posed as him.

"Followers of Tibetan Buddhism abhor fake Rinpoches’ unscrupulous fraud very much,” said Padma Choling.

Earlier this year, the inquiry system of Tibetan Buddhist Rinpoches was formally launched on line, publishing the first group of 870 verified Rinpoches in China, the first launch of on-line inquiry about domestic religious personnel.

"Followers can inquire about the information of Rinpoches via the inquiry system if needing their help with normal Buddhist activities,” Padma Choling suggested.

Phurbu Tsering, executive deputy director of the management committee of Sera Monastery in Tibet and also chairman of Buddhist Association of Lhasa City, stated that confirmation of Rinpoches must follow certain procedures and conform to religious rituals.

Phurbu Tsering said, the requirements for Rinpoches to be confirmed include: after a Rinpoche is deceased, the confirmation of his reincarnated soul boy must conform to religious rituals; all Rinpoches should have their own monasteries; and the confirmation of the reincarnated soul boy should be approved by the Central Government and the several candidates can only be recognized as Rinpoche after going through certain religious rituals. 


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