Tibetan tea helps women overcome poverty

2018-04-24 15:20:00 | From:China Tibet Online

In April of 2018, following a training period, about 160 Tibetan women from Xia Laxiu Township of Yushu City in northwest China's Qinghai Province learned a new skill: making handmade Tibetan tea. 

Traditionally, local women used to only work inside the home, leading to a lack of education opportunities and job skills. Unfortunately, women also used to think running a household was their only role, which led to the families’ continued lack of power in overcoming poverty. 

With help from training, the women leaned to make Tibetan tea with specialized handmade techniques, and were encouraged to set up support teams to share knowledge of tea culture and skills in business operation, so as to create a foundation for further building a market for handmade Tibetan tea. 

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