China-Nepal Economic Trade Fair opens

2018-11-07 15:46:00 | From:China Tibet Online

On October 25, the 16th China Tibet-Nepal Economic Trade Fair opened at the Tibet Exhibition Center in Lhasa, capital of Tibet Autonomous Region. As an important open and cooperative platform for economic and trade exchanges between China and Nepal, the China Tibet-Nepal Economic Trade Fair has been held every two years since 1985 by Tibet and Nepal in turns. The fair effectively promotes the development of bilateral economic and trade cooperation and has greatly enhanced the friendship between the Chinese and Nepalese people. 

The theme of this year’s fair was “Working Together and Cooperating For Win-Win”. Besides exhibition and sales, there were also official forums, negotiations, and contract signings, all aimed at building an important platform for open cooperation, economic exchange, and promoting wide-ranging and in-depth open cooperation between China and Nepal. At the same time, it will further enhance the brand awareness, influences, expansion, and attractiveness of the China-Nepal Economic Trade Fair.

The 16th China Tibet-Nepal Economic Trade Fair not only attracted many Chinese and Nepalese vendors but also citizens who came to view the exhibition hall. According to statistics, 319 people from 156 businesses participated in the fair (including 202 people from 101 Chinese businesses and 117 people from 55 Nepalese businesses). Nine representatives from the Nepalese government were invited to attend. Nepalese exhibits mainly included hand-woven carpets (rugs), handicrafts, thangka paintings, metal statues, wood products, and Buddhist ornaments. Chinese exhibits included Tibetan carpets, Tibetan porcelain, Tibetan tea, Tibetan incense, silverware, jewelry, ethnic clothing, barley products, yak wool products, cultural and creative products, and handmade Buddha statues.


On the afternoon of October 25, Chinese and Nepalese officials discussed the China-Nepal cross-border economic cooperation zone, bilateral trade, Sino-Nepalese economic trade cooperation, aid projects, overseas investment, port construction, and the opening of branch financial institutions.

Luo Mei, vice chairman of the Tibet Autonomous Region, said that Nepal is China’s friendly neighbor and a traditionally important economic trade partner for Tibet. The Tibet Autonomous Region has always attached great importance to economic and trade exchanges, cooperation, and development with Nepal, especially under the framework of the Belt and Road initiative, which is aimed at opening important channels in South Asia. Tibet and Nepal enjoy pragmatic exchange, communication, and cooperation in the fields of economic trade, tourism, and port construction, which not only benefit the people of China and Nepal, but also play an important role in promoting economic and social development, stability, and prosperity in the entire South Asian region.

It is reported that activities for product sales at this year’s fair lasted from October 25 to 29.



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