Over 150 companies attend 2018 China-Nepal trade conference

2018-10-29 11:29:00 | From:China Tibet Online

The 16th annual China (Tibet)-Nepal Trade Conference was held from Oct 25th-29th in Lhasa, capital of Tibet Autonomous Region. The conference was attended by 156 companies, with 101 Chinese companies and 55 Nepalese companies. Nepalese attendees presented handmade carpets, handicrafts, Tangka paintings, metal sculptures, wooden products, and Buddhist decorations, etc. Chinese attendees showcased Tibetan carpets, Tibetan ceramics, Tibetan incense, silverware, jewelry, cultural clothing, highland barley products, yak fur products, and cultural creations, etc.

In the Nepalese exhibition area, the CEO of Siluo Wool Products Co. Ltd, Amar Siruista, said, “For this exhibition, we have brought a lot of carpets in many designs. We hope our beautiful and durable products can be enjoyed by the Tibetan people.”

In the Chinese exhibition area, Migmar Tsering, the manager of Tibet Gangjian Tea Co.Ltd, said, “Our company has been to many China-Nepal Trade Conferences. We want to provide excellent, ecological, and healthy tea for everyone. This time, we even have an on-site sample area.”

“This is Nyingchi Co-op’s first time at the conference. We have organized three co-ops to come to this conference, bringing wooden bowls, Tibetan incense, etc. We hope this platform could make Nyingchi products more well-known, create a market for us, and help us do well.” said Pubu Dorje, the associate director of the Co-op of the Business Bureau in Nyingchi City.

There have been 15 successful China-Nepal trade conferences so far, and the event has played a positive role in many areas, from trade, cultural exchange to economic development and tourism promotion.And the conferences are now gradually becoming the best platform for Tibet to collaborate with neighboring regions in investment, trade, economy, and technology areas.

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