Disabled people's national handicraft cooperative in Shigatse

2018-05-25 17:06:00 | From:China Tibet News

Tenzin Ngodrup (1st, L) and employees are discussing issues on product marketing. [China Tibet News/Kelsang Jigme]

Under the strong support of all-level government, in 2013, Tenzin Ngodrup, who is a foregoer of Gangga Town, Tingri County, Shigatse City, established the disabled people's national handicraft cooperative. With a series of preferential policies on targeted poverty alleviation, the cooperative develops rapidly and the product marketing expands gradually, attracting more and more disabled people to get employed. In 2017, the cooperative received a loan of 16.17 million yuan for poverty alleviation. New projects include hotels, agricultural machinery maintenance, agricultural and sideline products processing were carried out, which will provide employment and skills training platforms for more poor households and people with disabilities.

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