Tibetan Buddhist Thorampa title holders increase to 148

2017-05-27 09:54:08 | From:China Tibet Online

On May 19, the degree awarding ceremony for obtainers of the13th advanced title and 5th intermediate title of Tibetan Buddhism, as well as the 4thdharma teacher qualification certificate, was held in the High-level Tibetan Buddhism of China at the Western Yellow Temple in Beijing.

Jamyang Rinpoche, president of the High-level Tibetan Buddhism of China, handed out certificates to student monks who have earned titles.

A total of 13 monks from the Gelug sect of Tibetan Buddhism graduated with the advanced title, and 16 monks from the Sakya sect graduated with the intermediate title. After five days of intense sutra debates and a thesis defense, the student monks all passed their exams and earned either the Thorampa advanced title or Zhirampa intermediate title of Tibetan Buddhism after being reviewed by a committee.

In addition, 24 candidates from the Gelug and Nyingma sects and  the Bonismo earned dharma teacher qualifications after passing the examinations as well as being reviewed by a committee.

To date, a total of 148 monks have earned the Thorampa advanced title; 150 have earned the Zhirampa intermediate title, and 94 monks have earned Buddhist dharma teacher qualifications.

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