China’s first “History of Contemporary Tibetan Literature” to publish in 2019

2018-07-16 10:31:00 | From:China Tibet Online

  Members of the final evaluation committee for “History Contemporary of Tibetan Literature” 

The first edition of “History of Contemporary Tibetan Literature” is primarily complete after five years of work and will be published in 2019, according to recent information from the Literature Institute at Xizang Minzu University. The book has three volumes and 800 thousand words, vividly recording the history and development of contemporary Tibetan society and showing the lives of all ethnic groups in Tibet through the years.

Contemporary literature in Tibet has achieved amazing progress after more than 60 years of growth. Many excellent writers have emerged, creating a large volume of great work with social and historical depth as well as artistic value. The book is a remarkable part of contemporaty Tibetan culture in the new era, which will achieve major and long-lasting influence, and accelerate the further creation and research of contemporary literature in Tibet.

The final evaluation meeting for the “History of ContemporarTibetan Literature” was jointly held by the Federation of Literary and Art Circles of Tibet Autonomous Region and the Literature Institute of Xizang Minzu University on July 6th atXizang Minzu University. In attendance were members of the editing committee and the writers of the book, who came from the Federation, the Academy of Social Sciences of Tibet Autonomous Region, Xizang Minzu University, and various universities and colleges.

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