2018 tibetan youth taekwondo training camp kicks off

2018-07-24 10:32:00 | From:China Tibet Online

On July 17th, sixty-six athletes from the Number One School of Lhasa, the Number Three Middle School of Lhasa, and the Tibet Taekwondo School, will participate in a three-day Taekwondo Training Camp. Training includes taekwondo techniques, movements, and competitions. This camp was jointly-hosted by the Sports Federation of Tibet Autonomous Region and the Taekwondo Association of Tibet Autonomous Region.

Taekwondo is a competitive sport that trains willpower and increases physical strength, and is especially useful for improving the physical conditioning of youth living on high plateau. A 12-year-old athlete, Ding Juanjuan, who has learned taekwondo for three years, is now a green belt. She expressed excitement for this camp, “I think this opportunity is amazing, since we can have two fantastic teachers guiding us. I hope this camp will make me better at Taekwondo!”

At the opening ceremony of the camp, two black-belt Taekwondo masters from Beijing, Yuan Xing and Zhang Heng, performed for the young athletes.

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