Tips for visitors to Tibet in summer

2018-07-27 09:14:00 | From:China Tibet Online

With the arrival of the summer vacation, tourism in Tibet has gradually warmed up. At the same time, the plateau has entered its rainy season, and the temperature varies widely between day and night. Experts remind tourists coming to Tibet to pay attention to their own physical conditions and to prevent flu-induced high altitude sickness.

Gongjue Tsetan, an emergency doctor at the Tibet Autonomous Region People's Hospital, said that tourists should check their bodies before coming to Tibet and not arrive on the plateau while sick. After first arriving, tourists should not walk or run quickly and should not overwork themselves. They must pay attention to cold and warm temperatures and prevent from catching a cold or flu, as a cold and fever will increase the body's oxygen consumption and aggravate altitude sickness. At the same time, the flu virus affects the body and makes it easy to induce high altitude pulmonary edema and can even cause brain edema in extreme cases.

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