Mother anser indicus and her children

2018-07-06 12:58:00 | From:China Tibet Online

Photos of a mother anser indicus and her children playing by lake Bande at the source of Yangtze River were taken by a photography enthusiast named Thubten Tenpa recently.

The little anser indicuses are drinking by the lake.

Honored as the world’s highest flying bird by American National Geographic, the ancer indicus is an endangered bird with less than 70,000 in total across the world. The bird can fly over and across the Himalayas(about 9000 meters above sea level) in eight hours. Qinghai province in China is one of the districts with the most ancer indicuses in number and is a key breeding place for them and the Bande Lake is where anser indicuses most often gather.

Every year from late April to the mid of June, thousands of anser indicuses come here from India, Nepal to give birth, and they fly back with their children to south Asian countries to spend winter at about October.

The mother and her children are finding for food in the wetland.

The mother and her children are about to jump into water.

The mother and her children are in the lake.

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