China provides solutions to global problems, say UN officials

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  UNITED NATIONS, May 28 (Xinhua) -- China is providing the world with solutions to global challenges such as on maintaining peace and security, development and climate change, UN officials have said.

  China has been very active in global governance and become a pillar of the multilateral system, said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres ahead of his trip to China in April.

  As China has undergone great economic development, its participation in global governance has never been more relevant to the economy and development in a global context. The United Nations welcomes China's positive contribution as it brings the world equilibrium and harmony, he said.

  China is also a contributor to global development.

  China has been totally committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) not only at the Chinese level but also in cooperation with other countries, especially developing ones, said Guterres.

  China plays a very important role in SDGs and in South-South Cooperation, Guterres said. He called China's Belt and Road Initiative a solid good example in this regard.

  Rapid development in 40 years since the introduction of the reform and opening up policy has made China a leader in promoting South-South Cooperation, said Wang Xiaojun, deputy head of the UN South-South Cooperation Office.

  Although a developing country, China in the past four decades has made remarkable achievements in eliminating poverty, and in this process contributed to more than 70 percent of global poverty reduction targets, Wang noted.

  China's own efforts to eradicate poverty have played a positive role in the development of the global economy, she told Xinhua earlier this month.

  Moreover, the Chinese government has set a new goal to ensure the rural poor are alleviated from poverty based on current standards by 2020. In other words, 55.75 million people will be lifted from poverty in the next few years, she said.

  Besides poverty reduction at home, China is also helping other countries.

  She took China's Belt and Road Initiative for example. "This Initiative has received a positive response and support from more than 100 countries and international organizations around the world."

  China's concept of building a community of shared future for mankind has manifested China's idea for South-South Cooperation and global governance, she said.

  A major contributor to UN peacekeeping operations, China is making a very strong commitment to world peace and security.

  "China is today a very important pillar in our peacekeeping operations," said Guterres.

  China is now the second-largest financial contributor to the UN peacekeeping budget and one of the countries with a very meaningful number of peacekeepers on the ground, Guterres said.

  About 2,500 Chinese troops and police are conducting a dozen peacekeeping missions, he said.

  Achim Steiner, chief of UN Development Program, said China's development is benefiting the world.

  China embraces the notion of being partners to other countries and addresses sharing its success with other countries, the UN official told Xinhua last August.

  China's renewable energy technology and mass production ability have lowered the threshold for many African countries in getting their clean energy. This, again, is a good example of what China has been doing in South-South Cooperation, Steiner said.

  China, with its economic size and development priories, is leading the world in South-South Cooperation, which is very important for UNDP in accomplishing its goals, he said.

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