Raising Tibetan chickens boosts income

2018-04-12 10:35:00 | From:China Tibet Online

Gengzhang Village is a small village in Nyingchi, southwest China's Tibet with only 77 households and 318 residents, most of whom are ethnic Monpa. National Road 318 crosses the village, making the travel convenient. But historically, this was not a prosperous area.

Nowadays, Gengzhang Village is known for producing gastrodia elata, organic vegetables, green grapes, and other specialty farm products.  The poverty relief program featuring the raising of Tibetan chickens has also greatly boosted residents' income and improved their lives.

The targeted poverty relief program with raising Tibetan chickens has a total investment of 622 thousand yuan (99 thousand US dollars), all of which are nationally funded, and has already helped 24 residents in seven households.

The program began construction on May 30th 2016 and was completed on July 12th. On September 15th of the same year, eggs were produced on a small scale.

Currently, the program has achieved sales income of 135 thousand yuan (21.5 thousand US dollars), distributed a profit of 91 thousand yuan (14.5 thousand US dollars), and increased household income by 13 thousand yuan (2.1 thousand US dollars) each.

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