Tibet boasts another 28 national-level intangible culture inheritors

2018-05-30 11:10:00 | From:China Tibet Online

On the morning of May 16, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced the list of the fifth group of national-level intangible culture inheritors. A total of 28 people from Tibet were selected for the list.

It is learned that Tibet submitted a total of 31 applications for cultural inheritors, and a total of 28 were selected, an acceptance rate of 90.3 percent, which is a record high. Currently, the number of state-level cultural heritage representatives in Tibet has increased to 96. Inheritors that have been selected are involved in seven categories including folk literature, traditional music and dance, traditional art, traditional skills, traditional medicine, and folk customs.

Till now, Tibet has two items on the list of UNESCO human intangible cultural heritages; 89 on the list of national-level intangible cultural heritages; 96 national-level intangible culture inheritors; four national-level intangible cultural heritage production and preservation experimental bases; 323 provincial-level intangible cultural heritage items; 350 provincial-level intangible culture inheritors; 12 provincial-level intangible cultural heritage production and preservation experimental bases; 487 county-level intangible cultural heritage items; 1364 county-level intangible culture inheritors; and 165 intangible cultural heritage training institutions.

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