“Olympics" of the Meadows

2018-07-31 17:29:00 | From:China Tibet Online

Horseback racing could be considered as the “Olympics” of the meadows. On July 19th, the six-day 6th annual Amdo Horseback Racing Competition was commenced in Ruo’ergai County, launching a “fast and furious" visual feast. Total prize money for the competition is at almost 800 thousand yuan (117, 139 US dollars), with the highest award at 50 thousand yuan (7, 321 US dollars)for the 10 thousand-meter endurance race.

This horseback racing competition features the local Hequ horse, known as one of the “Top Three Horse Breeds of China,” as well as renowned horse breeds from Britain, New Zealand, and more. The most expensive horse is priced at more than 800 thousand yuan(117, 139 US dollars), and the most expensive Hequ horse is worth 400 thousand yuan (58, 569 US dollars).

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