Traditional equestrian competition held during Tibet Sports Meeting

2018-07-31 16:51:00 | From:China Tibet Online

On the morning of July 24th, the two-day traditional equestrian competition event of Tibet Sports Meeting came to close.

During the competition, there were events including 1000-meter speed racing, 3000-meter trotting race, archery on horseback, 3000-meters speed racing and picking up khada on horseback. Each of the event comes out one first prize winner, two second prize winners and three third prize winners.

A total of 45 equestrian form seven cities and prefectures of Tibet attended the Sports Meeting. Most of the horses joining in the competition are domesticated and most of the racing horses are half-bred with lofty figures, high speed and strong power. As for skill competition, most of the horses are local Tibetan horses with good edurance and high adaptablity to the highland.

Tibetans are born to love horses and horse racing is a significant festival entertainment for Tibetans. During traditional festivals, there are always events like horse racing.

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