Beware of getting sick during Tibet's rainy season

2016-06-28 15:44:00 | From:China Tibet Online

Since the month of June began, Lhasa, Nyingchi, and other regions in Tibet have experienced heavy rainfall, marking the arrival of the highland rainy season.

This coincides with Tibet’s high tourism season. Doctors remind people that temperatures on the plateau can vary significantly during the rainy season, so tourists should beware of common cold-induced high altitude sickness.

Doctors from the high mountain sickness and cardiovascular disease departments at the Tibet Autonomous Region People’s Hospital advise tourists arriving in Tibet during the rainy season should bring enough clothes and keep warm. Although the temperature on the plateau is higher during midday under the sunlight, the temperature can drop significantly, and first-time visitors to Tibet who are unfamiliar with the climate may be more susceptible to catching colds.

Weather forecasts show there will be rain in most regions of Tibet for the coming week. Doctors advise first-time tourists to Tibet to take American ginseng, Rhodiola, and other high altitude sickness preventative medicines in advance. Those without oxygen bottles should not ascend to altitudes higher than 5,000 meters without careful consideration, while at the same time they should eliminate any psychological burdens, so they do not become too anxious. 

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