Mount Kailash - Ranked as Lonely Planet's No.1 Tibet Tour Experience

2018-09-04 14:54:00 | From:China Tibet Online

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Lying in the far west of Tibet, a huge pyramid of strange black rock sticks up out of the Gangdise Mountains, head and shoulders above the other mountains surrounding it. Shaped like a 6,000-meter pyramid, this unique mountain is Mount Kailash, known around the world as the most sacred mountain in history. Dominating the region, both physically and spiritually, this surreal mountain holds sway over more than one billion people around the world, and has long been a lodestone for pilgrims, attracting them to its holy slopes in prayer and prostration.


While this stunning sight is now common for tourists and pilgrims from around the globe, for thousands of years few people had ever set eyes upon its sacred slopes, lying as it does in one of the more remote areas of the Tibetan plateau. It is only thanks to the improved roads in the region that the mountain has become popular as a center for tourists from China and around the world, as well as the usual pilgrims from the four faiths that revere the mountain; Hindus, Jains, Bonpo, and especially Buddhists.

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