Beautiful scenery of Mount Kailash

2018-06-29 16:32:00 |

Mount Kailash, known in Tibetan as Kang Rinpoche or "Precious Jewel of Snow”, is the most sacred peak in Tibet. It is located in far western Tibet’s Ngari prefecture, more than 1200 kilometers from the Tibetan capital city of Lhasa. It is not particularly high as far as peaks in the Himalaya go as it only rises to 6714 meters, but there is no other peak in Tibet that is as holy as Kailash.

Buddhist believe that walking around Kailash once will clear away the sins of a lifetime. Walking it 13 times will bring enlightenment within one lifetime and walking it 108 times will bring instant enlightenment.

Following photos show the beautiful scenery of Mount Kailash.

A distant view of Mount Kailash looking from Lake Manasarovar. [Photo/]

Photo shows the magnificent Mount Kailash. [Photo/]

Some Himalayan blue sheep enjoy themselves near the Mount Kailash. [Photo/]

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