Barrier lake flood damages pivotal highway linking Sichuan to Tibet

2018-11-15 10:29:00 | From:Xinhua

Traffic was halted on the Sichuan-Tibet Highway Wednesday after water was discharged from a landslide-formed lake damaged a bridge, local traffic authorities said.

The Sichuan provincial transportation department said part of the Zhubalong Jinsha River Bridge, located in Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, southwest China's Sichuan Province, was destroyed by the discharged water.

The highway is a pivotal route linking Sichuan and neighboring Tibet Autonomous Region.

Authorities discharged water from the barrier lake on Tuesday afternoon and submerged the bridge, which had been reinforced in anticipation of the deluge.

No casualties have been reported from the discharge, which helped lower water levels of the barrier lake.

The department said repair work of the highway will start as soon as the water subsides.

A landslide led to the formation of a barrier lake on the river on October 11. Water levels returned to normal on October 14 with no casualties reported before a second landslide blocked the river again on November 3.

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