Potted plants increase income for flower growers

2018-10-09 11:07:00 | From:China Tibet Online

It is autumn now, and the air in Golmud, Haixi Prefecture, northwest China's Qinghai Province, which is located in the Tsaidam Basin, is getting more and more chilly. The trees along the green belt are becoming golden, adding a different color to this city on the plateau.

In recent years, thanks to the accelerated development in modern agriculture, improvements to people's living standards, favorable agricultural facilities and the improving climatic environment, Golmud enjoys a fast growing of flowers and trees as well as the demand, which in turn has spawned an emerging force in modern specialist agriculture.

Inside grower Jian Jianqiang's greenhouse, the air is warm and humid, and there is an abundance of potted plants inside family homes, such as scindapsus, chlorophytum comosum, pachira aquatica, and philodendron selloum, giving off a feeling of comfort.

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