Tibet has 30,000 candidates for college entrance exam this year

2018-06-15 10:16:00 | From:China Tibet Online

According to the Education Examination Authority Office of the Tibet Autonomous Region, in 2018, Tibet has created 98 college entrance exam registration locations, in places like Lhasa, Chamdo, Shannan, Shigatse, Nagqu, and more. A total of 30,364 students have applied to take the regular college entrance exam and the targeted higher vocational education school entrance exam.

Among the 2018 test-takers, 18,952 students came from farming and herding families, which is 78.1% of the total. Of which, 8,815 are humanities students, occupying 36% of the total, and 15443 are science majors, which is about 64%.

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