Free treatments provided to over 150 disabled orphans in Tibet

2018-06-14 14:43:00 | From:China Tibet Online

More than 150 disabled orphans from several welfare institutions in Tibet will be screened for disease by a medical expert group from the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Based on results of the screenings, some children will be sent outside the Autonomous Region for free treatment, and some will be treated in local hospitals.

“Of the 24 children I diagnosed in Lhasa today, two have been diagnosed with congenital heart disease,” Chief Physician Zhou Gengxu said. He added, “Next, we will contact the Ministry of Civil Affairs and other organizations right away so that the children can go to Beijing as soon as possible for effective treatment.”

According to statistics, the “Tomorrow Plan for Disabled Orphans Surgery and Recovery” has already provided surgical treatment and rehabilitation for 125,000 children. Of these, 25,000 children were adopted by domestic and foreign families after their treatments and have been doing well.”

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