Tibetan medicinal materials identifying competition held

2018-09-04 10:14:00 | From:China Tibet Online

The 6th Traditional Medicinal Materials Identification Competition of Tibetan Medicine Hospital in southwest China's Tibet was held on August 30, with more than 50 Tibetan medicine doctors participating the contest.

The contests included identifying fresh medicinal herbs and dried medicinal fruits, naming the preparation of drug compositions, identifying katsa medicine and their efficiency.

Katsa is a specialty of Tibetan medicine that enhances therapeutic effects by adding some special medicines to the original formula according to each patient's individual conditions. In the identification of fresh medicinal herbs competition, candidates answer identification questions quickly by examining rootstock and leaves and smelling them.

Before the assessment, experts from the Tibet Tibetan Medicine Hospital collected more than 400 kinds of fresh medicinal herbs from Lhasa and Nyingchi. Then from these, they selected 100 varieties, including large Rhodiola, Euphorbia pekinensis, and Rheum nobile for the contest.

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