Tibetan women's lives improved through getting to work

2018-10-26 10:49:00 | From:China Tibet Online

In the past five years, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region has collected over 20 million yuan (2.9 million US dollars) for all kinds of employment training for women, and offered a total of more than 560 training sessions to help more than 20 thousand impoverished women to become entrepreneurs or get work.

In recent years, women have enjoyed policies such as financial subsidy loans for new businesses, free health screenings for two types of cancers, congenital heart diseases and hydatid disease, bonuses for pregnant women who choose hospital births, focused care for orphans and elderly people and women's rights protection in village land rights registration, etc. in Tibet.

"We're very happy to see how women have enjoyed the fruits of development as Tibet developed, they have played a main role, their rights are protected, and their lives have improved." commented a government leader. Women across all sectors of Tibet are leading independent lives with confidence and self-respect, they're true owners of their lives, they're involved in all kinds of work across society, and they are indispensable.

"In Tibet, various policies always value women," said Drolma, the founder of the Tibet Ta Xi Co. and an entrepreneur. A few years ago, she gave up the great pay and benefits of a listed company and led a group of like-minded women in founding their own business.

She told the reporter that she is the recipient of many beneficial policies from the country and the autonomous region. As a female entrepreneur, she always thinks how to develop related women-focused programs when a new policy is introduced.

"To think proactively is now my habit," she said.

"Women entrepreneurs are more cautious in starting businesses, and this makes them more successful," said Droloma.

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