China-Japan joint mountaineering team commemorates 30 years of friendship

2018-09-25 12:18:00 | From:China Tibet Online

On September 17, the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Friendship and Brotherhood Association by China’s Tibet Autonomous Region Mountaineering Association and Japan’s Nagano Prefecture High Mountain Association was held in Lhasa, Tibet.

Sonam, the secretary-general of the Tibet Mountaineering Association, said at the commemorative meeting, “For 30 years, both sides have had friendly exchanges and sincere cooperation. Under the arrangement of the Nagano Prefecture High Mountain Association, the Tibet Mountaineering Association sent members to Japan to learn mountaineering and rock climbing techniques. At the same time, Nagano Prefecture has arranged for Japanese mountaineers to come mountain climbing in Tibet several times.”  

Masumi Karaki, president of the Nagano Prefecture High Mountain Association, said that to commemorate 30 years of the Friendship and Brotherhood Association, members from both sides climbed Mt. Xuelapu Gangri. He also thanked the Tibet Mountaineering Association for its meticulous organization and arrangements in mountaineering. The joint mountaineering team was composed of Chinese and Japanese team members. On the afternoon of September 13, they successfully summited the top of the 6,310-meter-high snow-capped mountain.

Thanks to this commemorative event, both associations will further consolidate and strengthen friendly exchanges, help more young people participate in the study, exchange, and cooperation of high mountain exploration, rock climbing, skiing, and mountain rescue.  

The Tibet Mountaineering Association and the Nagano Prefecture High Mountain Association jointly climbed 7,543-meter-high Mt. Zhangzi in 1986. In April 1987, the Friendship Association was officially established. Afterwards, China and Japanese mountaineering teams have jointly climbed Mt. Zangse Gangri, Nanga Bawa Peak, and Jomtira Peak.

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