Training of Tibetan medicine talents in a modernized way

2018-06-07 11:10:00 | From:China Tibet Online

The Tibetan Traditional Medical College, the only independently established higher education institute for traditional Tibetan medicine in the world, recently stated that in the 29 years since it was established, it has trained more than 6,300 personnel in Tibetan medicine.

It also said that training of personnel for Tibetan medicine is becoming more modernized and is adapting to the development of the Tibetan medicine industry.

Basang Tsering, head of admission office of the Tibetan Traditional Medical College, said that the college has revised its teaching plan in response to the needs of pharmaceutical enterprises and employers and the modern development trends in Tibetan medicine. Currently, in addition to courses in traditional Tibetan medicine, they have also established specializations related to the development of modern Tibetan medicine, such as the cultivation of Tibetan medicines and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), helping students become interdisciplinary talents.

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