Standards being set for Chinese space station

2018-10-15 14:09:48 | From:DingXiaoxiao

  A technical committee is being established for setting up standards for China's planned space station, reports the China Manned Space Engineering Office on Sunday.

  Undated photo of an artist’s rendering of China's planned space station [File Photo: VCG]

  The technical committee will be responsible establishing national standards, as well as military standards, for the research and development of manned space technology, its applications and related services.

  The committee, made up of 37 experts, will be headed by Zhou Jianping, chief engineer behind the Chinese space station.

  "Setting up of the committee means a new stage for China's space station construction," said Zhou.

  Standards on the development and production of manned space spacecraft and cargo vessels are expected to be set up by 2020.

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