Man accused of sending sexually harassing texts to teen after her mother rejected him

2018-09-05 20:22:27 | From:GlobalTimes

  A man in Southwest China may face charges for allegedly sending sexual and threatening messages to a teenage girl who says it was revenge for being turned down by her mother.

  The 15-year-old filed a criminal complaint with Guizhou Province authorities accusing the man surnamed Wu, 40, of sending her sexually explicit images and texts over messaging app WeChat.

  She told reporters Wu had first contacted her a year earlier after he, in a friend request, included a picture of him with her mother.

  The teen said the correspondence quickly turned sexual, and included unsettling details about her home - hinting that he had been there before.

  "It was all very bad," said her uncle surnamed Zhang, who accompanied the minor to file the report. "His messages had details about like where their beds were and what was on their dressers."

  The mother, surnamed Tian, said Wu had tried to pursue a relationship but she had refused him. She also denied Wu had ever been to the house.

  "We only had a meal together and nothing else," Tian told reporters.

  According to the report, the victim said Tian was "indifferent" to her plight.

  "Every time I talked about it she said 'it's none of my business' and 'I deleted his WeChat and number.' I felt so disappointed by her," the teen said.

  It was unclear from reports if police had opened an investigation.


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