West China's first international standard 5G network to be launched

2018-08-12 17:51:05 | From:ChinaPlus

  China Telecom, one of the three major network operators in China, launched west China's first international telecommunication union standard 5G network at its branch in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, reports thepaper.cn.

  A poster of 5G. [Photo:IC]

  According to people in charge from the company, the newly built international standard 5G network is based on multiple BTS (base transceiver system). Prior to this, 5G experiments in the region were conducted in network, based on singular BTS. It marks the 5G network's new stage of development with group network application tests, and a milestone in commercial use.

  At present, a major 5G project called Yun Jin Tian Fu is under construction, which will create several new information hubs and digital new media clusters for different industries.

  It is estimated that with the roll-out of group network tests, 5G technology will be put into commercial use in the entire province by 2020 and bring economic gains of 110 billion yuan to Chengdu.

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