Rural women hope to weave happiness with their own hands

2018-10-26 11:12:00 | From:China Tibet Online

A training course in bamboo wickerwork for farming and nomadic women in Gyacha County, Shannan City, Tibet officially began recently. The total investment into this bamboo wickerwork training course is 48,000 yuan (6914 US dollars), and there are more than 40 training personnel. Participants in the training course are all women from nearby villages, and the course will last for 30 days, ending on November 12. Students will focus on basic weaving methods of Tibetan bamboo baskets and bamboo utensils through on-site practical learning and guidance.

A student named Yangscan said, “I want to cherish this training and strive to master the techniques, and I hope I will be able to use it to increase my income and bring more happiness to my family and others around me.”

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