128 new energy buses to be put into operation in Lhasa in January

2018-01-12 16:50:00 | From:China Tibet News

At the beginning of 2018, 128 new energy buses will be put into operation in Lhasa City by the Lhasa Bus Operation Co. Ltd., so as to make a contribution to protecting the environment of Tibet Autonomous Region.

On January 9, 100 new energy buses was put into operation, while the rest 28 buses will be put into operation later in January.

All the 128 buses are gas-electric hybrid vehicles. When driving at a speed of below 40 km/h, these buses use electric power. When driving at a speed of above 40 km/h, they will use fuel. In addition, they have the recharging ability during driving and they only need to be charged once a month.

At present, there are 522 buses and 36 bus lines in Lhasa City. Among which, there are 312 new energy buses including 184 buses that have been previously put into operation and these 128 buses that will all be put into operation in January, accounting for 60% of Lhasa's all buses.

Compared to traditional buses, the carbon emission of new energy buses can decline 70% and noise can decline 90%, which plays an important role in protecting environment.

In addition, a door is installed on the side of the driver's seat, leaving enough space for the driver and avoiding the driver being affected by passengers.

New energy vehicles not only make people's travel more comfortable, but also reduce carbon emissions and make the environment better.

By Zhi Xinghua

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