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Tibetan culture comes to Xiamen

2018-11-09 10:36:00China Tibet Online

During the 11th Cross-Strait (Xiamen) Cultural Industry Expo and Trade Fair, Dechen Yudron introduced thangka painting to visitors at the Tibet Chamdo Exhibition Hall in southeast China's Fujian Province.

Thangka is a unique form of painting art in Tibetan culture and is known as the "encyclopedia of Tibetan hand painting". Dechen Yudron, the 10th generation inheritor of the Karma Kachi Painting School and granddaughter of Karma Deleg, a national intangible cultural heritage inheritor, hopes to pass down and promote the thangka culture. She told reporters that every exquisite thangka painting tells a story.

In addition to thangka paintings and metal forged goods, other ethnic handicrafts such as woodcuts, wooden bowls, Tibetan incense, and ivory jade and farm and pasture products of the plateau were also displayed at the cultural expo. "Most of these products are made by hand," said Li Jiabin, director of the Industry Department of the Cultural Bureau of Chamdo. 

This is the third year that Chamdo has participated in the cultural expo. "We want to lead and actively encourage businesses to travel outside Chamdo and tour in larger cities. The cultural expo is a good platform," Li Jiabin said. During the fair, in addition to offline sales, they can also take the opportunity to introduce the characteristic culture of Tibetan people and communicate with many investors and artists.

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