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Mysterious Tibetan medicine: gold, silver and precious stones can be used as medicine

2018-11-26 15:46:00China Tibet Online

Recently, reporters came to the Derge County Tibetan Hospital (Institute of Tibetan Medicine) in Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan province to learn about the development of Tibetan medicine.

It is understood that the mystery of Tibetan medicine lies in the fact that it largely uses metallic minerals as raw materials for medicine, such as gold, silver, copper, iron and so on. Of course, these materials are not simply put in, but through the Tibetan medicine processing process.

There are eight mineral raw materials used in Tibetan medicine, such as pearls, corals, agates, turquoise and so on; and there are eight kinds of metals used in Tibetan medicine, which are gold, silver, copper, iron, lead, etc.

In Tibetan medicine, it is believed that the curative effect of Tibetan medicine is closely related to these precious metals and stones, which have long been regarded as the essence and soul of Tibetan medicine.

Lasurite,which is popular among Tibetan people, is also a kind of raw material of Tibetan medicine.

A kind of famous and precious Tibetan medicine named 70 tastes of pearl pills.

The Tibetan medicine processing area.


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