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Kindergarten in the depth of grassland in northern Tibet

2019-01-03 11:14:00China Tibet Online

In the past, nomads living in Xainza County in the depths of northern Tibet's grassland, had lived a life of moving from place to place by the change of seasons for generations. With an average altitude of 4700 meters and a vast area with sparse population, there are few parents sending children to kindergartens miles away.

Now, things have changed. A total of 14 village-level kindergartens have been founded in Xainza under national support and the help of CITIC Group, which allows children to go for schools just at the door.

Photo shows children in Xainza ethnic Bacab costume.

Photo shows children in Xainza ethnic Bacab costume.

Photo shows children participating kindergarten's twisting wool practical activity.

Photo shows children drawing pictures.

Photo shows children dancing Xainza Guozhuang dancing.

Photo shows children playing toy bricks.

Photo shows children taking music class.

Photo shows children playing toy bricks. 

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