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Tibet makes progress in poverty reduction in 2018

2019-01-16 09:35:00chinadaily.com.cn

Some 181,000 residents in Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region have gotten out of poverty in 2018, constituting a solid achievement in the regional campaign against destitution, according to an announcement made during the region's two sessions last week.

A total of 25 counties in the region including Damxung, Gyirong and Lhundrub are no longer classified as "impoverished", along with another 2,100 villages. The region has also managed to reduce its poverty occurrence rate to below 6 percent.

Measures were introduced to improve local economic situations include attracting investment, creating new jobs, relocating residents from less inhabitable places, setting up educational funds, as well as starting a variety of social welfare programs. All levels of government departments have carried out the measures well.

An 8 billion yuan ($1.18 billion) investment project by State-owned enterprises, for example, has provided employment to 22,000 poverty-stricken individuals and helped to improve the lives of more than 35,000 residents.

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