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Political advisors from religious circles speak highly of Tibet's development

2019-01-14 09:43:00Xinhua

The rapid development in Tibet Autonomous Region and its protection of religious venues has been heatedly discussed among political advisors from religious circles at the ongoing second session of the 11th People's Political Consultative Conference of the region.

"The Lhasa bridge was the only modern architecture here in the mid-1960s. Now besides all kinds of buildings, we have highways and trains," said Minyag Choekyi Gyaltsan, the ninth reincarnation of Minyag Shadrong Tulku and a renowned ancient architecture expert.

A total of 80 political advisors from religious circles attended the conference that began on Wednesday in Lhasa, the regional capital. Among all 514 members, religious members account for the highest proportion.

Minyag Choekyi Gyaltsan brought two proposals to the conference -- to carry out urgent risk evaluation and protection of the 100,000 pagodas of Gyangze Palkhor Chorten, and enlisting an ancient temple near Nenying Chode in Nyingchi as a culture relic protection site.

Due to the nature of their positions, political advisors from religious circles have direct contact with believers and listen to their concerns. They drafted the proposals based on concerns that ranged from economics and society to culture and the environment.

"The regional government's quick response to our proposals is a great encouragement to our work. I am pleased to represent my temple and people at the grassroots level," said Dorje Drolma from the city of Lhoka.

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