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80 percent of Lhasa's public buses will use green energy in 2019

2019-01-11 14:03:00China Tibet Online

"Now, buses have heating system and a large amount of space, not only warm but comfortable!" 62-year-old Tsedrolma said with a big smile.

Tsedrolma is a huge fan of buses. Her favorite way to travel has always been taking bus, from when she commuted to work as a young woman to using the bus to go out now as a retiree.

On the winter morning, it is utterly cold in Lhasa. But as soon as Tsedrolma got on the bus, she took off her facemask and raised her bag to the card swipe machine which says "Beep, senior citizen card." as a response.

"Now, the payment is also convenient," Tsedrolma continued. "Before, when we got on the bus, we had to prepare some change beforehand. Sometimes we didn't have enough change, and we had to ask other passengers to help out. It was very troublesome. But now, we just swipe the card or use our phones to scan. My card is a senior citizen card, which you can get once you turn 60. It's free, you don't need to recharge it. So convenient!"

In 2018, the proportion of new energy buses in Lhasa reached 60 percent of the total. It is estimated that the number of new energy buses will reach 422, or 80 percent of the total, in 2019. Nowadays, the smart electronic bus stop sign, the mobile payment, and new energy buses have greatly facilitated people's travel.

Editor: Tommy Tan.





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